Sep 10

New York Boys

The text messaging went on forever, and I hoped that we could just talk, which is unlike me. When someone who hates phone conversations just wants to get the thing straightened out, then you

Aug 31

Since Carter/Reagan

While people were watching the Olympics and cheering their team on to the gold and silver, I was quiet in anticipation of my own favorite Games. The story goes that as early as 1980,

Aug 29

Suspended in air

I am on another leg of my third, round trip, transcontinental flight in two weeks. Finally, a rare treat to break the monotony: a small plane powered by dual propellers. The constant flying has

Jul 24

CSA Coleslaw

This week in my CSA box I received root veggies for the first time. But more importantly – I also received cabbage, which I had been waiting for to cook some borscht. Then I

Jun 21

New computer!

In 2007, after much chest beating, I decided to switch from a windows PC to a Mac. And that Mac has served me well for the last five years, through school and article writing

Jun 16


Last night I went out to a fancy restaurant with a group of girls, and it was a lot of fun. I have made a decision though that I think should carry me through