Apr 26

Ditching the quiz and having some fun

So today I was studying for this alternate quiz in my Taoism class and before the exam, I ran into my friend Mike. He seemed puzzled that I was so stressed. “Aren’t you

Apr 24


Okay, so today’s cookie hour. Every Wednesday I go back to my old dorm, see Dave and eat cookies while he talks because frankly I go to hear him talk. So me and Tlace

Apr 23

I contribute to a lot of lists

Yes, I’m doing better. As my pal Dave reminded me, I was already pissed at a certain person before she decided to shit on me, so I shouldn’t be so depressed about it.

Apr 17

What I am thankful for

Okay, so I open the school newspaper today and I read everything like I normally do. Then I look casually through the classifieds and spotted my roomate’s ad for the room she’s kicking

Apr 15


Welcome to my depression. Okay, so I want to curl up into a ball and die, but here I sit, at my computer. Sigh. I hate feeling unloved because it hurts.

Apr 5

I am uncommunicative

Hey haven’t blogged lately due to the extreme business that has consumed my life. Right now Hotmail isn’t working, so i can’t write to Kelly or Nikhil like I was planning on today.