Feb 6

More roomate drama

My roomate’s still not out of the apartment. She keeps leaving her stuff, like that damn salamander, as if she is marking her territory in some way. I really hate her, and

Feb 4


Okay, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, that my roomate stealing my can opener as she is moving out of our apartment is minimal. I mean, the nutjob gets drunk

Jan 14


I’m pretty sick, well, I’m all drainy and my throat hurts. I really hope I can do updating tonight as well as watch Angel and do the reading for my classes. Oh

Jan 10


I think I’m psychic. Or at least getting there, because of a couple of things that have recently happened. 1. I went to see the Lord of the Rings and just knew I’d see

Dec 30

Setting up

still not getting anything done… I’m pretty sure that by now my family thinks I’m this kind of computer