May 9

Weight Loss Contest: The home stretch

At the weigh-in on Tuesday, the scale said that I lost 13 pounds. Which, after 7 weeks, averages to about less than two pounds lost per week. Since my contest is 8 weeks, that

Apr 26

This month on GeekSpeak

It’s the season of Snow White and I have a review of a retelling it, as well as a whole treatise (it’s more like a treatise than a review). Not since Naomi Wolf’s “The Beauty

Apr 26

Weight Loss Contest Week 6

Well, apparently, there was no need to fear! I won this past weigh-in by a full percentage point. Something in my body gave way and I started losing again. I’m down about 10 pounds

Apr 23

Potluck Rules

I was just at a potluck brunch over the weekend that was quite a bit of fun. I met some fantastic women and Facebook-friended one so far. As far as my mission this year

Apr 22

Weight Loss Contest Week 5

This past week was also a wash. A half of a pound loss and I’m at a loss too. I’m planning on some cardio tomorrow but I have niggling doubts in the back of

Apr 21


I’m going to a brunch this weekend, and I have to being something. While I can whip together an awesome salad, soup, or dinner entree, I’m not so great with desserts and breakfast foods.