Feb 25

Blending woes

My blender is partially broken. This is a huge catastrophe in the world, and I’m pretty surprised that I’m not in sack cloth and ashes about it. The fact is, it still works, but

Feb 20

Flavor Combinations

I’m finally sitting in my apartment, after what seems like being away forever. A week of traveling for work, and then a mini-break with my aunt and uncle that was pretty relaxing. At the

Feb 13

Fun with Taxes

One of the things with taxes that annoy the shit out of me is when people don’t consider it an expense. A government agency takes 1/3 of your income and it’s not an expense?

Feb 11

Four Squares

When I come back from traveling next week for work, my office is going to be pretty different. I am moving to another floor and gone will be cubicles. In their place is an

Feb 2

Subway Scare

After getting onto the subway platform, I just barely missed my train home. While waiting for the next one, I heard scuffling behind me one platform over and I saw two rather large men

Jan 27

Failing the sleep test

Since I was an adolescent, I’ve had problems staying awake during the day. Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought, because for the most part, it’s not debilitating. I know that my sleepiness isn’t