Mar 11

End of the Tao

81 Chapters, 81 posts sprinkled over the years on various Fridays. At times doing a regular posting was difficult and time consuming. It did have its benefits: when there was nothing else I could

Mar 4

The Tao of Friday

Chapter LXXXI: The John Kerry Chapter. Of course, taking action like this lost him the election and gave us four more years of George Bush. Ok, I jest. But oftentimes, in a system of

Feb 25

The Tao of Friday

Chapter LXXX is definitely more of a theory than a practical rubric for effective governance. While I think not having curiosity because of contentment happens quite often, a couple of opposites are also true.

Feb 18

The Tao of Friday

I agree with Chapter LXXIX. I hate it when someone fails or when someone doesn’t do what they need to do and all they can give are excuses. Either the person is incompetent or

Feb 11

The Tao of Friday

I’ve always rather liked Chapter LXXVIII. It is like a science lesson and philosophy all rolled into one. I’m still not sure how to put this into practice though. I find that being soft

Feb 4

The Tao of Friday

Well, given the recent events in Egypt, Chapter LXXVII seems pretty pertinent. When leaders take too much for too long from their people, corrective action is sometimes necessary. Considering that the average Egyptian lives