Oct 16

The Tao of Friday

Chapter XVI, which I incidentally skipped last week so that we can have the 16th chapter on the 16th of October. Because I like symmetry. This chapter is definitely more about mysticism to me. Empty

Oct 9

The Tao of Friday

Chapter XVII is great advice.  We can see no better illustration than with Presidents Bush and Obama, really.  Bush didn’t trust us, and so made us untrustworthy to the rest of the world.  Obama

Oct 2

The Tao of Friday

Chapter XV reminds me of a belief that I’ve had since childhood: that while there was to destiny, that the Universe or God or whoever did want some things to transpire.  And our free

Sep 25

The Tao of Friday

Chapter XIV reminds me of a void, perfectly gray, where nothing can enter or leave. I’m not sure what this is about:  a description and then advice?  Help me out people! Look, and it can’t

Sep 18

The Tao of Friday – With Birthday Thoughts!!

Tomorrow I’ll be 30!  One of the best things I have learned from a friend is when I first met Dara.  For some reason, we got on the topic of her turning 30, and

Sep 11

The Tao of Friday

I’m not sure about Chapter XII.  I think while all that is true about having too much, that colors and sounds and all the rest bring joy into an otherwise mundane existence. Colors blind the