Sep 4

The Tao of Friday

There was once a whole Buffy episode related to death.  The episode is called The Body, but what made it so poignant to me was the focus on all the empty spaces.  We felt

Aug 28

The Tao of Friday

I think Buddhists have been spending ages trying to keep their minds from wandering.  Chapter X makes it sound so easy that anyone can do it. Can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep

Aug 21

The Tao of Friday

Chapter IX is about not going too far.  Remember when I said a couple of weeks ago that it was hard work for me to be easy going?  This is easier said than done,

Aug 14

The Tao of Friday

Chapter VIII is just plain good advice. The supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to. It is content with the low places that people disdain. Thus it is like the Tao. In dwelling, live

Aug 7

The Tao of Friday

A regular thing I liked to share a couple of years ago was a chapter from one of my favorite religious texts, the Tao Te Ching.  It’s one of my favorites for many reasons. 

Feb 11

The Tao of Sunday, Chapter XXXI

Weapons are the tools of violence;all decent men detest them. Weapons are the tools of fear;a decent man will avoid themexcept in the direst necessityand, if compelled, will use themonly with the utmost restraint.Peace is