Nov 26

The Tao of Friday

All I can think of when reading Chapter LXX is: My teachings are easy to understand and easy to put into practice. Yet your intellect will never grasp them, and if you try to practice them, you’ll fail. My

Nov 19

The Tao of Friday

Can I just say, “Chapter LXIX, dudes!” (Like Keanu Reeves in that classic, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!) But seriously, I am totally guilty of this!  When I become to despise someone, I really do

Nov 12

The Tao of Friday

I’m a noncompetitive person.  When I was in middle school, if a friend of mine liked a boy I also liked, I would totally stop being interested in him, so as to give her

Nov 7

The Tao of Sunday

I need to be more with it when updating the Tao articles.  Last time, I skipped a chapter, so I would like to discuss LXVI briefly. And maybe, since the election, leadership should be

Oct 29

The Tao of Friday

I’m skipping LXVI for a second, because I really like LXVII a lot more, and I think part of the reason form my Tao fatigue (and overall laziness in October) was the large amount

Sep 24

The Tao of Friday

In light of the training that I just went to last week, which still bothers me, I want to write a little bit about holding a room. I think the Tao speaks to