Dec 6

Telling robots from humans

In September, one of my friends’ boyfriend found out about this blog, commented on a post and it got caught up in moderation queue.  I didn’t even see it until he asked me if

Jan 5

Happy New Year!

As you can see from my Twitter feed, I have two resolutions this year.  I also have a shadow resolution.  I’m not sure if they’ll pan out, like most resolutions they only last as

Dec 19


I know this is a day late, but I have been working on updating the website. It has been pretty frustrating, because when Twitter freaks out, it takes forever to load the blog,

Dec 17


This morning, or should I say afternoon, I woke up to see that once again, my website was buggy and had reverted back to my original blog.  I have no idea why this has

Nov 21


I have been getting a ton of spam lately. So if you have made a comment and it hasn’t shown up, please let me know, so I can whitelist you. I also

Oct 23

Bug Fix

Well… that theme didn’t last long!  Too many bugs were involved.  So I found a theme I liked from the Internet, and altered it to fit what I wanted, which was to be thinking