Nov 30

10 Protips for Guys on Dating

1. When the girl you’re dating texts you, “I’m a bit drunk and SO MUCH FUN!” Do not call her and begin talking about your mother and how her insurance rates are out of

Oct 16

Feeling Lucky

I’ve been reading this fascinating book about luck lately, and the key thesis is that people aren’t lucky or unlucky. Rather, each group exhibits certain behaviors that increases or decreases their opportunities for positive,

Sep 18


A short time ago, Mother Jones published a fundraising speech by Mitt Romney where he disparaged 47% of Americans by implying that they are freeloaders. After the video, my news feeds were blowing up

Aug 31

Since Carter/Reagan

While people were watching the Olympics and cheering their team on to the gold and silver, I was quiet in anticipation of my own favorite Games. The story goes that as early as 1980,

Aug 29

Suspended in air

I am on another leg of my third, round trip, transcontinental flight in two weeks. Finally, a rare treat to break the monotony: a small plane powered by dual propellers. The constant flying has

Jun 14

War and Religion

On Facebook the other day, one of my friends posted that religion was the greatest cause for war. After giving it some thought, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Of course, being interested in sociology