Jun 8

Not converting! But still.

I saw the play Godspell a week or so ago, and I’ll tell you a couple of things about it. First, I did not know it was the story of the Book of Matthew

May 22

After the weight contest

I know I haven’t been updating about the weight contest with any regularity, but events have conspired against me. 10-12 hour work days and workout schedule precluded posting. But I did win this contest,

May 21

Existential Break with Reality

Over the past month or so, I’ve felt like a bunch of people have gotten together and seen how many times they can kick me in the head. Figuratively, of course. It might be

May 11

I got your protein right here

The other day, someone figured out that I was a vegetarian, and so of course asked me where I got my protein. I suppose, of the three responses everyone has to a vegetarian, asking

May 9

Weight Loss Contest: The home stretch

At the weigh-in on Tuesday, the scale said that I lost 13 pounds. Which, after 7 weeks, averages to about less than two pounds lost per week. Since my contest is 8 weeks, that

Apr 18

Bringing creepy back

This guy was hitting on nearly every woman on the block I was standing on. He would ask them for help with something, they’d turn around all helpful and he would say something I