Mar 31

I am a loser again

In early March a coworker and I were sitting in a diner in Manhattan griping about our weight. It has been a month or so of meetings with food that was good, but still

Mar 17

Blogging the Sleep Study

Today is Day 2 of my sleep study. Last night, I got to the sleep center at 8. At 9, they attached these sensors to my legs, my face, and my chest so They could

Mar 1

Studying Sleep

I went to a sleep center here in NY today. After over an hour talking to the NP about things I had never verbalized or put into words until my blog post last

Feb 2

Subway Scare

After getting onto the subway platform, I just barely missed my train home. While waiting for the next one, I heard scuffling behind me one platform over and I saw two rather large men

Jan 27

Failing the sleep test

Since I was an adolescent, I’ve had problems staying awake during the day. Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought, because for the most part, it’s not debilitating. I know that my sleepiness isn’t

Jan 22

Highs and Lows at the Airport

I’m at the airport today waiting for a flight to Texas. It’s the beginning of another month or so of travel, and while I will miss my home and my friends, I am a