Oct 10


This weekend was beautiful, and today is still in the 80s. What did I do? I cleaned! But I feel so much better coming home to an awesome, uncluttered apartment. While I was cleaning,

Oct 3

One way street

One thing that’s been a topic of conversation for me has been adult friendships, particularly in New York. A friend of a friend moved here recently and we’ve been hanging out and spending time

Apr 18

On the train

I saw a girl studying on the downtown subway. Suddenly, she picked her nose and ate it. I had a tough day cognitively today because yesterday’s move was hard. A lot of stuff remains

Apr 4

Tastebuds do change!

I have been eating well again, not a lot of sugar, salt, or processed foods. And then this weekend I ate three cookies as well as a Cadbury’s cream egg (I dint know why.

Mar 30

PRK Adventure Week 2

Last weekend I was both slightly far- and near-sighted. The more troubling of the two was the farsightedness, mostly because it hampered my desire and need to read books. It was also causing some

Mar 16

PRK Adventure – Days 1 & 2

Yesterday I went in for laser eye surgery. It was uneventful except that I waited four hours for a five minute procedure. I selected LASEK/PRK over LASIK because I liked the safety profile better.