Mar 13

Two Soups

Next week I’m going to get the first of my eyes fixed with PRK. Apparently, the recovery is much longer than LASIK, so I’ve been cooking up a storm. Two soups, for lunches and

Feb 10


Since sometime last fall, my apartment has been a refuge for some of the local wildlife. In New York, this of course means that a family of rats lives in my walls. And not

Feb 9

Say hello to my little friend

A week or so ago, I wanted to get a little green in my apartment. Luckily, there is a garden shop in the neighborhood. This little gal gets a forever home with me. Now

Feb 6

Sunday Brunch

Omlette with olives, artichoke hearts, cilantro, and a guacamole filling. The cara cara oranges and banana are ripe and super tasty. Have to eat now, I’m so

Feb 6

Where Snow Goes to Die

Last week, I went to work only to find my street was blocked off with 15-foot piles of snow all down the block. Luckily, I could walk on the sidewalk, so I got to

Jan 27

Pictures from the latest Snowpocalypse