Aug 9

Life of Pi (Yann Martel)

How compelling the fantasy of real life is! Today, we have movies sold and packaged as real life and real life sold and packaged as movies. On television, “real life” has become everyone’s favorite

Mar 19

The Two Problems With Moulin Rouge

Let me say that before I begin, that I love the movie Moulin Rouge. It is my favorite movie, and I’ve seen it often enough so that I know it by heart. That said,

Mar 18

Kushiel’s Dart (Jaqueline Carey)

You know the phase, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”? Well, I never really listened to that one. I was always drawn to pretty, sparkly covers, and shunned their dull sisters, occasionally, to

Oct 23

The Mammoth Hunters (Jean Auel)

As a follower of the Robert Jordan books, I feel equipped to say that I probably have more patience for authors I like than the average reader. Once I get hooked on something, I

Feb 25

Movie Review – Charlie’s Angels

When I found out about Charlie’s Angels playing at a theater in my small little town, I had mixed feelings. Having been burnt by Mission: Impossible, I was wary of any movie trying to

Feb 1

Harry Potter Review (with some Practical Magic)

I watched Practical Magic tonight. This in and of itself is not particularly important, except that the movie is based on a novel by Alice Hoffman. Therefore, it got me to thinking about books