Nov 30

10 Protips for Guys on Dating

1. When the girl you’re dating texts you, “I’m a bit drunk and SO MUCH FUN!” Do not call her and begin talking about your mother and how her insurance rates are out of

Sep 13


Sep 10

New York Boys

The text messaging went on forever, and I hoped that we could just talk, which is unlike me. When someone who hates phone conversations just wants to get the thing straightened out, then you

Feb 12

A Bitter Spinster Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a princess. A rather old princess, who had been relatively content to spend her days as a Spinster Aunt. But, needs being what they are, she would venture

Aug 2

Year of Dating in New York – a review

Since moving to New York a year or so ago, I have dated seven men. Some of them have been featured in this blog, of course, but not all. Of that seven, three have

Mar 27

The Bachelorette: Drop Dead Gorgeous

There’s a song by April Smith called “Drop Dead Gorgeous” where the hook is something like: cause if you’re just drop dead gorgeous you should just drop dead Truer words were never spoken. Bachelor #6 is easily