Jul 12

The Right Eye

On the Friday of the 4th of July weekend, I went into the Lasik center to have my right eye done. I’ve been jonesing for this awhile. My right contact was becoming unbearable and

May 2


Last Friday I went to the eye doctor and did the test. Wouldn’t you know I was a perfect 20/20 in my left eye! That means that it took six weeks (or a bit

Mar 30

PRK Adventure Week 2

Last weekend I was both slightly far- and near-sighted. The more troubling of the two was the farsightedness, mostly because it hampered my desire and need to read books. It was also causing some

Mar 26


I went in for another checkup today. I’m registering 20/100 when my eyes are dry (as they are with the steroid drops) and 20/20 when I have drops in. Truthfully, this is more like

Mar 19


Yesterday, I felt fine, but bored as I’ve been trying to stay off all screened media. I did spend a couple hours on the internet with my left eye closed reading things. This morning, I

Mar 17


Today is the third day, and to say it’s an improvement is an understatement. I can open my left eye fully and see out of it. Although it is weird, as expected. It’s like