Dec 19


I know this is a day late, but I have been working on updating the website. It has been pretty frustrating, because when Twitter freaks out, it takes forever to load the blog, and I can’t preview anything. But this new version of the blog has some great features, and I hope it was well worth it.

I really liked this color scheme from awhile back, because it really was a departure from the pinks and greens I usually favor. Unfortunately, I’m not a WordPress prodigy, so there were some bugs that needed to be ironed out. The only thing right now that annoys is that, to leave a comment, you have to go into the post. But this might be for the best: I get a lot of automated comment spam, so it might cut down on that, and let the real comments come through.

Please let me know how you like the new format! It really was a labor of love.


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