Oct 12

Semi Healthy-made

Veggie Eggplant Florentine
I do most of the cooking in the Snuggles-Sepra household. In the summertime when we have fresh produce, I usually cook from scratch because it’s actually easier for me to do that than cook with processed food because it’s the way I learned. And the more I hear about eating processed foods, the less I like, so it’s a good thing I cook this way.

But some days, I am hungry, with a full freezer and just want to throw something together. I read on my new favorite site, a recipe for Eggplant Pancakes Florentine that looked good awhile back, but a bit too complicated. On this night, I had eggplant patties and creamed spinach in the freezer, fresh tomatoes and garlic on the shelf and I was too hungry to care about how processed dinner was.

I baked the eggplant while microwaving the creamed spinach and chopping the tomatoes. I mixed in the garlic while everything cooled and layered the eggplant and spinach, topping with the tomato-garlic sauce. We also had some corn on the cob, so I boiled some of that and viola! A semi-healthy, semi homemade dish that Snuggles and I could eat fast.

It was tasted great and even met with the highest honor for Snuggles: “You can make that anytime you want.” Hell, who needs the Nobel Peace Prize when you get those kinds of accolades!

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