Oct 8


My nephew’s 1st birthday is coming up on the 26th, and my first response was “Oh, man, I gotta get something for him!” But now I think I’m taking a step back.

1. My neices (who I faithfully get birthday and Christmas presents for) have never really gotten me anything (and I know it wouldn’t be them anyway – but still). On my birthday, they did color pieces of paper that were inserted in a card – and that’s all I need really. My nieces rock. So maybe this reason isn’t so big.

2. He’s 1. It’s not like he’s going to remember the Super Duper Toy(!!!) I got him.

3. I think I have kid fatigue. Three kids is 6 times a year for presents, plus Mom, plus Snuggles, plus the twins, plus my aunt, uncle and cousins. That’s some serious cash I have been shelling out already. I’m not sure if I can put any more people on the list. Any more people and it’ll be A Very Dollar Store Christmas.

So… a card? With a pretty picture?

I am the greatest aunt EVER!

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