Aug 26

What’s for dinner?

Tonight, we are having:

Hash browns + Impossible Pumpkin Pie + Apple Stuffed Peppers.

We have started getting winter squash from our CSA, which means that summer and summery vegetables are coming to a close. I love winter food, but am sad that it is coming.

The pumpkin pie recipe is a bit funny for me. About four years ago, I tried to make pumpkin bread for a work party, and something went wrong. My bread refused to cook all the way through, but it did have this lovely pumpkin pie consistency in the middle. So I thought what the hell and brought it anyway.

Turns out my bread snafu looked exactly like this impossible pie. Except, it was loaf shaped. The teachers I worked with still liked it, and one even took home the recipe. Now, I’m doing it on purpose!


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