Jan 28

Three Taos in a row is a bit much

Before it becomes four, I would like to say that my lack of posting is because this program has yet again sucked out all my time.  Without consulting the students, my program decided to add a capstone project and a “service immersion” to our schedules, right in the middle of the most crucial time of year to get a job, in a horrible economy.  To make it all worse, the class loads have be apportioned out so that the first quarter of every semester has the most variety of key classes for my concentrations.  That means that this quarter, I am taking three classes plus the capstone work, on top of looking for a job.  So I’ve been all over the place, trying to get as much work done as humanly possible.

I have spent a huge amount of time on this capstone so far.  In the three weeks that this quarter began, my time has totaled over 30 hours, not counting the unnecessary 8am class that I have to attend every once in awhile.  I do really love the company and the projects, as well as the team I am working with.  I just really wish they had added this to the previous amount of credits needed to graduate, rather than adding to the total required.  Last year around this time, the second-years were sitting pretty.  This year we are all tearing out our hair, and I really resent it.

However, I feel like as soon as I get a job, a lot of my anxiety will abate.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more in February.  I feel like I’m already not living up to my resolution to post more.

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