Feb 2

Imbolc and Wicca

I usually try to post something Wiccan on all my high holidays, and today is Imbolc, the Wiccan equivalent of the festival of lights.  I have a ton of candles this year, but most of them are scented really strongly, and I am afraid that the competing scents will give me a headache.

I want to go to a public festival this year, but I am a little scared.  Last year, I attended the Pagan circle on campus and was underwhelmed.  There is the co-President, who apparently worships Lord of the Rings, the kid who thinks he knows everything but is just talking out of his ass, and lots of black trench coats.  I get the black trench, I really do.  But, Highlander: The Series went out in the ’90s, so I guess I really don’t after all.

What I also don’t get is why they have sections on Eastern religions like Shinto and Taoism, that are fundamentally not Pagan, in a pagan circle.  When I go to events for Pagans, I want to talk about earth-based religions that represent my beliefs.  And when I studied Eastern religions for my degree, I certainly didn’t go to a book that an 18 year old kid passes around and spouts off facts that aren’t actually factual.

I guess it’s an age thing as well, but it’s frustrating that I can’t really talk about this with anyone.  And then the one hope I had of an outlet was smothered to death in teen boy ego.  I’m not really sure to go from here.  So, I anticipate another asocial holiday in the old apartment.


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