May 28

Happy Memorial Day

This year, I have done a lot of thinking about war and our troops. I have had discussions, debates and arguments with people about body armor, helmets, the appropriateness of beer ads exploiting patriotism and how to get us out of Iraq.

I don’t normally post about my anti Iraq war feelings on my website, even though I think about it every day, mostly because I don’t want people trolling here telling me to get out of the country, or something equally vicious. Like I don’t support people in the military or something. And my website is my website, where I am allowed to be as nutty or boring as I choose. It allows me to write in a forum where I can go back and either remember or cringe at how I wrote before. (Usually, it’s cringing.)

But let me say this: this weekend, like all weekends I support everyone who has gone over to Iraq or Afghanistan, or South Korea, Vietnam, or Germany and France. Anyone that has had to fight and die and get PTSD or lose a body part so far away from home, I feel for you. I appreciate you, even when we disagree on politics, or even if I don’t like you as a person.

So this weekend, I implore those of us who have never been in the military to help our soldiers the rest of the year. Call a congressperson about increased funding for VA care, or donate to a fund that supplies better helmets or body armor. Write to a soldier on the front lines or send a care package. But do something other than adding a magnet to a car or just eating barbecue. And enjoy the long weekend, I know I will!

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