Jun 1

Baby, you’re on the brink

Thank god for June! May was quite possibly the most stressful month of my time in the MBA program, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  After graduation, I busted my knee quite a bit more than I anticipated, and so I have been in physical therapy.  I had to stop all the exercising I’ve been doing (but will try to start again this week) and so am nervous about losing all of my fitness.  Last, just as I thought I was finished with looking for a job, I ended up going on 6 more interviews.  The fallout from that is I can finally say that I know where I’m going and what I’m doing.  My start date is still under negotiation, but the boss has been very reasonable about my needs so far.

I am going to be living in New York, which I am both nervous about and excited.  I do love new York, but when I lived there the last time, I was not on my own.  I was able to stay in an amazing place with amazing people, and that really contributed to my New York love.  I will also be doing sales, which I am anxious about.  I don’t consider myself an A+ salesperson by any stretch, and I really hope I can perform for the company.  We’ll see though, it could turn out that I hit my stride!

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