Jun 17

Moving to NY!!

Last weekend I spent some time with my best friends in Manhattan, as well as some of their friends.  It was the perfect weekend.  I had just come from a work training and was all spazzy and stressed, but after shopping and clubbing, I was totally relaxed.  Then, we went to this amazing brunch place that served complimentary mimosas (in New York! Complimentary alcohol!) and lots of food.  There was also sleepover wackiness and lots of pointing out of places to go to.  It was such a great time, and these people were so not stressful.  I think MBA programs attract certain personality types, and we all come with “judgment” as a common trait.  The difference from being with that personality type 24/7 to hanging out with non-judgmental people was palpable.

The more I’ve been to New York, the happier I am that I get to live in this city.  I just have a great opportunity to start somewhere where I can be anything and everything I want.  I never felt like New York was trying to crush me, but rather elevate me to what I can be.

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  1. Jill

    June 20, 2010


    I could not have put it better Sara! Not only was it great spending time with you, but I am so glad my fun, supportive, and happy Sara came out of her MBA shell.(which you looked radiant, beautiful, and less stressed in that black dress of yours!) That is not to say that going into the MBA program was a bad thing for you, because obviously it was time and money well spent. Not to mention the friends and experiences that you gained by doing it, but you hit it on the head when it comes to being a very judgmental and stressful experience for you. Which often times, I hate to say, rubs off on others around you and you begin to act out of character. I knew you would see through some of the BS and just be the person that so many of us love and value!

    However, I am soooo glad and jealous in some ways that you get this new fresh start! And you are in a city where there are very attractive, well dressed, and driven men….. which are few and far between in Phoenix! LOL Be your true self and you will go far! The city awaits the talented young woman, sister, and friend I know as my Sara-Bear!!! xoxo JIlly

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