Jul 1

Wait and Hurry Up

To get to New York, because all the strapping young men are gone, I have hired movers to come, pack, and transport my stuff.  While I thought this would be very convenient (if pricey), it is giving me a bit of heartburn.  For one, I’m really hoping that they don’t break all of my stuff.  But also, they are putting everything onto a semi and transporting it in a two day window.  This means that I may be functionally homeless – renting two apartments, but with no stuff in them. Should I pack a couple of blankets, a pillow and some basic supplies and just bunk down in my empty NY apartment? Should I couch surf?  These are questions for the ages.

I’ve been reading horror stories on the Internet of people who were stranded for days before the movers got their stuff to them.  This is a bit like when a person is sick, she looks in medical books and of course a simple cold seems like flesh-eating bacteria. Hopefully all will go smoothly.  I told my “moving consultant” that I was putting my life in her hands. She told me not to be so dramatic.

On top of that, I really want to visit Arizona once before my possible total vacation time shrinks to two weeks. This leaves me one week, the second in July to do this.  I’m not sure if I can, but I am going to try.  But waiting to buy tickets is also stressing me out.  I’ve never been this nervous about a move before.

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