Jul 5

Urban Camping

I have two apartments and no furniture.  The ridiculousness of my situation has made me hesitant to couch surf.  Additionally, one of the reasons I don’t have roommates is that I really don’t want to inconvenience people, which I would definitely do if I was a perpetual guest in other people’s apartments.  This has forced me to do something that I am calling Urban Camping.  With nothing more than a thin “sleeping bag” (more like an insert, a real sleeping bag would be too hot!) and a pad, I have been hopping from camping out in my Brooklyn apartment to my one in State College.  Sleeping on the floor in State College is infinitely more comfortable that Brooklyn,  For one, I am trading thick carpets in Pennsylvania for cheap linoleum in NY.

Whoever decided that carpets were out and floors were in was insane.  You can’t beat the ease and comfort of wall-to-wall-carpeting.  Of course,  I have a shoes-off policy and no pets.  So that helps keep them nice.

Truth be told, while I loved this Brooklyn apartment when I first saw it, now that it’s empty, it’s completely devoid of character and humanity.  Just a cold, decrepit shell.  Of course, the last tenants left it in such a state that I was horrified at the thought of people living in such filth. I did have someone come in to clean, but that’s a funny story for another time.

In the meantime, I wait for the movers to deliver my furniture (and inject some charm!).  I hope it’s soon!


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