Sep 3

The Tao of Friday

A little bit of marketing going on in Chapter LXII.  Sorry for not writing much in the month of August.  Everything was so hectic!  I like this chapter because it really communicates the value of the Tao and even gets in on a little viral marketing action – ancient Chinese style! Don’t help people, just teach them the Tao.

Actually, it also seems like a lot of religion today: people don’t need food, they need to be saved! But no, actually food is still important too.

The Tao is the center of the universe,
the good man’s treasure,
the bad man’s refuge.

Honors can be bought with fine words,
respect can be won with good deeds;
but the Tao is beyond all value,
and no one can achieve it.

Thus, when a new leader is chosen,
don’t offer to help him
with your wealth or your expertise.
Offer instead
to teach him about the Tao.

Why did the ancient Masters esteem the Tao?
Because, being one with the Tao,
when you seek, you find;
and when you make a mistake, you are forgiven.
That is why everybody loves it.


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