Sep 19

Happy Birthday! To me!

My birthday is usually my favorite day of the year. I always say that, no matter what happens, I always have a good day on the 19th. Last year, I had great time celebrating 30 with my friends. This year that celebration happened a bit earlier, and I was so happy to see people last week when I could.

Today I spent the day alone, as I wanted to actually. I saw Next to Normal, a great play that’s won the Pulitzer and a bunch of Tonys. In fact, since I moved back to New York, this has been the first play I’ve seen. Worth every penny. I also made a great vegetable soup which I hope will clean me out of all the toxins I received by being at a training conference last week. All eggs and bagels and biscuits, and very few veggies make for a poor immune system!

Thanks to everyone who wished me well today.

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