Jan 25

Another funny poop story

I was walking to the bathroom the other day, and there was another woman walking in front of me. We made eye contact, so she knew who I was. We each chose a stall in the bathroom, and she did her business. I realized very early on that I had more business there than I intended.

I think because I looked her in the eye before entering the bathroom that something clicked in my brain and I realized that I couldn’t go to the bathroom. So, I waited for her to finish. Except, she flushed the toilet and then waited.

I kept at trying to go to the bathroom, to no avail, with her standing (or sitting) by. After what seemed like five minutes, it all came out in a rush and I couldn’t help but crack up. This lady then, violated the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule of corporate bathrooms by askign me, “Are you laughing at yourself?”

When I answered yes, she continued, “Well, sometimes it’s hard to keep it in.” But, you see, I was trying to get it out.

After commenting, she gets up, washes her hands and leaves.


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