Nov 17


Tonight I went to my car to put some stuff in the trunk, and move it because it was a little too close to a hydrant. As I came upon it, I noticed that the car behind it had crunched into the bumper. This post isn’t about that (as infuriating as it was) but something even more annoying:

I asked the man who was raking leaves across the street if he had seen what happened. Instead of answering my question, he instead gave me a lecture on how I should have been given a ticket because I was parked too close to a hydrant. Frankly, cops don’t really give tickets unless you’re on top of the hydrant, so I don’t know what he was talking about. He was just being an asshole. So I told him that I didn’t ask for his opinion on my proximity, but rather if he saw this person crash into my bumper. He then launched into an accusation that I was the one crashing into people’s bumpers and there was no one out there last night. Obviously, if I had crashed into someone’s bumper I wouldn’t be asking him. So, as usual, some dude had an opinion and had to share despite its annoying unhelpfulness. Why are people so infuriatingly like this some times?

And this is ultimately why I didn’t call the cops and file a report. If everyone is going to just be so unhelpful, what will the police be like? Will they decide to ticket me and not the other guy? It made me even more mad than the guy who hit my parked car. Worse, it was the second time I had this happen this week. Earlier, I asked someone I worked with for a schedule so that I could put together a work event that was helpful. Instead, I got a bunch of opinions on the worthiness on the event.

Dear people: when I ask a question, it’s because I want an answer. I don’t want your opinions on other topics. If you don’t have an answer, just tell me so. Thanks!


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