Dec 6

Telling robots from humans

In September, one of my friends’ boyfriend found out about this blog, commented on a post and it got caught up in moderation queue.  I didn’t even see it until he asked me if I censored his comment. I didn’t, I just hadn’t had the time to look over my queue because I always have a ton of spam comments in them.

The fact is that I just got done deleting over 500 spam comments that accumulated over the last 15 days.  It’s exhausting going through all that crap, and a big time-waster. Not to mention that some of the spam comments actually got through my filters and met with approval.  I deleted those as well.

So, if you do comment, you will notice that now I am making people put in a CAPTCHA code.  You’ve seen it before. It’s my way of stopping these spam robots from ruining my blog, and taking time away from posting.

But, if you are a real human, please comment!  I love to see real comments from real people!

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