Dec 8

It’s “funny-sad” not “funny-haha”

From a WikiLeaks wire comes this great quote from Kazakhstan’s First Vice President Maksat Idenov:

“As it’s always been, it’s about big money. Capitalism — you call it market economy — means huge money. Listen, almost everyone at the top is confused. They’re confused by their Soviet mentality. They’re confused by the corrupt excesses of capitalism. ‘If GOLDMAN Sachs executives can make $50 million a year and then run America’s economy in Washington, what’s so different about what we do?’ they ask.”

This reminds me of my time in Uzbekistan, when I told people that I didn’t like George Bush.  They would nod knowingly and say, “I understand, we didn’t vote our president into office either.” It’s frightening when people from third world dictatorships totally get the frustration Americans feel with stuff like this.  Oftentimes, we are no better here in the USA.

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