Dec 12

Privilege Denying Dude

I love this internet meme.  Called Privilege Denying Dude, so much of it is funny because it’s what actual guys say sometimes, or at least the clueless, genuinely stupid things.  What I like about this particular picture is that is encapsulates what I don’t like about “Nice Guys.”

Now, I guess I’ll also have to include “Good Guys.” Like the one who made a rape joke to me a few weeks ago.  But, he’s such a good guy! How dare you say anything about his character!

The thing that irks me the most about NGs, is that when they talk about how nice they are, it’s almost always in conjunction with why they aren’t getting laid.  Inevitably, it’s the woman’s fault, because apparently we only dig “assholes.” But here’s the thing: being a good person does not entitle you to get laid, or to get the person of your dreams.  In fact, if you are only being nice in order to get laid or get that person, you are actually an asshole. And it’s not our fault if we don’t want to date/be friends/ sleep with you.

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