Dec 18

Sweater Tights!

It seems that items that are great for little kids are coming in adult sizes, and who can fault sweater tights? I remember seeing them on kids in Uzbekistan, but never on an adult.  But then, I saw them at a department store and, figuring they would be perfect this winter under my clothes, I bought them.  It wasn’t until recently that  I tried them on.

Alas, they don’t fit! Who makes a crotch so low it won’t fit a 5’4″ woman well? But I squeezed them up and they work like a charm otherwise.  It was actually a little warm for me in the office, which I found odd.  But they are so much better than long underpants, which also make me feel unfashionable.  These don’t show under my pants.

The hunt is on for better-fitting sweater tights.


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