Dec 29

Exile from the Snowpocalypse

I’m still in Pennsylvania because, while there was a blizzard, NY is taking an obscenely long amount of time to plow it from Brooklyn.   My boss sent me pictures of our office on Monday, and I have no idea who dug the path, but they should be given a medal.  The snow was easily 3 feet tall and the streets had not looked like they had seen much of a plow.

Luckily, I am living it up at my aunt and uncle’s.  They’ve been kind enough to let me be a refugee here until I hear more heartening news about my fair city.

In the meantime, I am totally jealous of Newark.  Their mayor is actually digging people out of their homes, getting ambulances there.  In New York, people have died, and our mayor suggested we all just go to a Broadway play.  Well, his street was plowed first.  I have to go back Sunday, no mater what.  Hopefully, everything will have melted by then.


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