Feb 18

The Tao of Friday

I agree with Chapter LXXIX. I hate it when someone fails or when someone doesn’t do what they need to do and all they can give are excuses. Either the person is incompetent or they are not. If it is the latter, there is no excuse. If it is the former, then the best you can do is cut ties with that person. If it’s at work, it should obviously be in a way that doesn’t affect your work or the company’s productivity.

I have a zero tolerance policy for excuses. The first time I admitted I was wrong was hard for the ego. But the reward of being honest with your self about what you could have done better is worth the hit. It also encourages you to make it better next time. If I can do it, I expect the same for those around me.

Failure is an opportunity.
If you blame someone else,
there is no end to the blame.

Therefore the Master
fulfills her own obligations
and corrects her own mistakes.
She does what she needs to do
and demands nothing of others.


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