Mar 13


For the last week or so, I have had a massive throat infection that did not go away with anibiotics or the pain medication I was taking. It still hurts. So, I went to the doctor today who said that my tonsils were inflamed.

Tonsils? I had those out when I was a kid.

Apparently, I have one mutant tonsil that grew back to a fraction of its size and it’s inflamed and hurting. The other one is just a stub. Luckily, it’s just viral so as soon as I get better, I’ll get better. The problem is that it’s tough to get all the rest I need in the MBA program. They really like to grind you down so that the easiest thing grows into a wicked sickness.


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  1. Rachel G.

    March 19, 2009


    You actually have 5 sets of different tonsils, hence the reason one might be inflamed. The palantine tonsils are the ones you usually have out as a kid, but you never know which ones might act up on you.

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