Feb 20

Sunday Brunch

I went to Costco yesterday with a friend, and splurged on blueberries and strawberries, which are usually criminally expensive in New York. I also bought a box of oranges. The result is this fruit salad, which looks (and tastes!) to me like spring and summer and all things good and warm.I spent a lot of money yesterday, but it might be worth it.

Of course, after any kind of trip to a bulk store like Costco, my refrigerator and pantry are filled to bursting. We spent three hours there making sure we got anything we could have possibly desired. (Except that I passed on the 37″ LCD flatscreen for $300. Maybe another time?) So, since I still had eggs, I decided to scramble them up with some baby spinach and scallions. You can’t see it here, but I topped it with avocado and salsa. Yum.


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