Mar 1


In 2006, I got my first cholesterol test. While I knew at the time that my family has a history of heart disease and my father’s metabolic syndrome put me in a high-risk category, I wasn’t too concerned. After all, by that point, I had been a vegetarian for about thirteen years. Think about all the cholesterol I hadn’t eaten! So, when my doctor at the time ordered me to lose 10 pounds because I was fatter than she’d like and my cholesterol was 199, I was beside myself.

Fast forward to five years later, and I am 10 pounds lighter than I was. I also just got my cholesterol results in and I was an astounding 155! My doctor was so pleased with all of my blood work, she called me the bionic woman! I guess even writing this post makes me super old, but after watching my dad kill himself over a couple decades, it’s nice to know that my chances of going the same way have diminished to almost nil. At 155, not only isn’t arteriosclerosis happening, but if it’s already present, it’s probably reversing itself. That’s a huge relief!


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