Mar 16

PRK Adventure – Days 1 & 2

Yesterday I went in for laser eye surgery. It was uneventful except that I waited four hours for a five minute procedure. I selected LASEK/PRK over LASIK because I liked the safety profile better. I also only opted to get my left eye done at this time because I would be recovering alone and starting a new job on Monday so it was important that I had at least one functioning eye.

I’m not going to lie, it hurts. Although it’s more annoying than hurtful. Like someone kicked sand in my eye. It’s tearing up like crazy too. I have to wear a sexy eye shield over my eye so I don’t rub it. Frankly, the idea of touching it or opening it is the last thing I want to do, so no risk there!

I can already see much better in the left and it’s only supposed to get better as it heals so that is very heartening. To pass the time I’m listening to podcasts and audio books, but I am surprised at how much I can sleep too!


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