Mar 17


Today is the third day, and to say it’s an improvement is an understatement. I can open my left eye fully and see out of it. Although it is weird, as expected. It’s like with my right eye, I’m seeing in HD, but with my left,everything’s flatter or not entirely three dimensional. Last night I slept over 13 hours, so I know I’m healing. However, I’m not pushing it, in fact, my left eye is closed while I’m writing this, and I’m wearing sunglasses while inside and on the computer just as a precaution.

As for pain, there is really not a lot of it. Occasionally I feel like an eyelash is in my eye, but I take a numbing eye drop and it goes away. I think it’s the bandage contact they put in my eye, actually. After sleeping so long, it had to have dried out some, so I might be feeling some of the dryness as well as my eye healing underneath. I’ve been taking a supplement of 500mg vitamin C for awhile now, and still taking it upon waking, so I wonder if this has been helping with my pain as well.

In 1998, I got a pair of sunglasses that a few years later I changed into a prescription. But I kept the old, non-prescription lenses in case I needed them. And so this morning I popped out the prescription lens from the left side (not without some effort) and put in a non-prescription lens. The prescription is old, so things are a bit blurry for my right, but the weirdest part is that out of one eye I see deeply (my right), and the other is superficial (my left) so I sort of feel like I’m swimming underwater. Or like when I was a kid with perfect vision trying on my dad’s glasses, which were of a high prescription.

The one thing I don’t get is people texting me right now. So, the night I got out of my surgery someone who knew I was getting out of eye surgery texted me asking how it was. Seriously? Are you that incapable of calling me to ask the same damn question? Someone else did call, making that person far more awesome. But really, when someone is coming out of eye surgery, what would tell you that right now is a good time for texting that person?


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