Nov 20

An Unlikely Proposal

Hi S.! How’re you doing? I’m sorry about the mail before the last mail! One American comrade had sent it to me and I decided to send it to you! Do you remember you told me once if I found the way I could help me to move to the USA you would? Well! I tried to find many ways but found the only one which should be the best and unmistaken! Probably it sounds crazy but I’m not insane! This is the only way you are able to help me! The way is about the marriage. What if we get married? I’ll be allowed to go to the USA get VISA and work! I know it sounds for you like nonsence but this is what you can do for me! Hope you understand me correctly!
Good Luck!

Uh… thanks, but no thanks. Although it is flattering. The last marriage proposal I got was in the 4th grade by a boy named Jason, who offered to give me a Nintendo if I would marry him.

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