Mar 11

Bad Luck

You know how, in the Southern Hemisphere, water runs in a different direction. I felt as if both water and my luck turned in Chile. It’s not Chile’s fault, not really, but there was an undeniable string of mishaps that happened to myself and my friends on the whole trip.

On the first night, my purse was snatched.
On the second night my friend C sprained her ankle and had to go to the hospital.
On the third night, my friends and I had a massive fight and I refused to speak to them on the fourth day. (It got resolved).
On the fifth day, I was stricken down with a massive throat infection. (Which I haven’t had since my tonsils were removed as a child.)
On the sixth day, I was scammed in a taxi on the way to the clinic (which I got out of using a winning combination of guilt and fury). Because of a screw up and some jerkiness on the part of the coordinators, I also had to go alone to the clinic, where there was no English spoken. And HTH set me up with a gastroenterologist for a throat infection. Nice.
On the seventh day, my other friend E got stricken with the same infection, her insurance had run out and she had just gotten out of the hospital for other throat related complications. That night, we were also scammed again by a couple of taxis.

So, last Saturday, I gave a rousing speech to my friends and told them that we were changing our tickets and going home. None of this sticking it out nonsense. They cheered and I went to change the tickets. Luckily, we ended up saving money by not staying a week and paying the change fee.

I am bummed though. I feel like I did the right thing, but that also I failed to give Chile a chance as well. It’s confusing.

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  1. Dara Richard

    March 14, 2009


    I think you did the right thing especially when you already have a lot of international experience. What would two weeks add to 2.5 years in Central Asia? It might be better to try to get business-related experience in the US.