Apr 4

Tastebuds do change!

I have been eating well again, not a lot of sugar, salt, or processed foods. And then this weekend I ate three cookies as well as a Cadbury’s cream egg (I dint know why. Impulse? Tradition?). Except this time a couple things happened that didn’t exactly surprise me, but were unexpected.

I think I’m losing my sweet tooth a little bit. It is a bit like when, a couple of years ago, I stopped eating cheese for eight weeks and I went from a cheeseholic to actively refusing the stuff. It just became gross. The cookies weren’t bad per se, but they just tasted like butter and sugar. On a typical day, I don’t think eating those two things plain is a good idea. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

And the cream egg! They used to be my favorite Easter treat, and I would save them last from my basket. Putting it into my mouth, it was like cheap frosting and wax. Is that coating even allowed to call itself chocolate? How do people eat this stuff? It’s probably just me. I guess it really is junk food, because it was like garbage.

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