Apr 14


Earlier this month, my landlord announced that he wanted to knock down the walls of my apartment to get to the rats that are scratching at them every night.

Of course, if he had just hired an exterminator when I asked him to, oh say 8 months ago, he wouldn’t have had to do so.  The fact of the matter is that all of his efforts to eradicate the vermin have been on the cheap and using just random guys he knows without really thinking about the most effective option.

So, back to the walls. He told me that he was going to knock down the walls and build them back up so the rats can’t get in.  When I haltingly asked him who was going to do it, he said he “knew a guy.” I am so sick of this phrase. I just imagined that some schlub was going to come in to my apartment with all my stuff, some of it irreplaceable, knock down my walls and ruin everything. As a bonus, maybe all the rats would run inside and my apartment would become really infested! And frankly, as much as I LOVE my neighborhood (and it is a great one!), I really hate this apartment. So… I opted to move out so he could do his renovations.

One borough that I’ve been interested in for awhile now has been Queens. It just seems that a person can get so much more space for their money. It’s also not far from where I work and just as nice as Brooklyn (which means that some parts are and some parts aren’t). So, I found a couple of places I liked, and picked the one closest to the train. For a hundred and fifty more per month, I now get almost double the space, and the commute is easier, if not shorter. I am moving this Sunday.  After that, I will have a (gasp!) Internet blackout for 10 days while Time Warner gets their shit together. Then I can tell you all about it! (Or just mobile blog…)


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