Aug 16

Hiding the Work Poop

Have you ever gone into the bathroom at work and realized that:
1. Someone is or has pooped in the next stall
2. They refuse to come out until you are gone

I walked into the bathroom this morning and went to the bathroom, realized the person had pooped and had the sneaking suspicion that the person was waiting for me to leave because I might find out they pooped?

I poop at work all the time, and I have to say that it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes I don’t care and just pop out of the bathroom, engaging in conversation. Sometimes I do, and refuse to make a sound until everyone has left the bathroom. But one thing I do know is: I don’t care about other people pooping. So why would they care about me?

Hey, it’s getting paid to (literally) do shit! Something to be proud of, I guess.

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