Jul 11

Heat Stroke

In May, I tried to get my super to install my window air conditioning unit, but there were two hurdles: I needed a bracket so that there was no risk of my window unit falling out and crushing someone four floors down, and he thought it was too early to install it. Well, it was too early, but I knew that if it didn’t get installed then, that the current situation I’m in would crop up. Namely, that it’s July and my apartment has no air conditioning.

I’m not really a fan of air conditioning, actually. I hate the feeling of air blowing on me, particularly when it’s not a cool breeze and natural. Last summer, when I finally got my unit, I still kept the apartment at about 78 degrees, because I was so used to walking around outside that anything colder than that felt too cold. But, just like last year, there comes a time where my apartment starts to become unbearable. I am reaching that point. My poor plant, Audrey, is past that point. She is dead, dead, dead. It’s definitely heat stroke.

While I am lamenting the loss of Audrey, I do have to say that a side benefit is that the heat is getting to the roaches that I haven’t managed to poison. I keep finding their cooked shells in places where it looks like they came out to die from the heat. Good. I hope their babies all die too.

So today I ordered a bracket from Amazon. I hope it fits my pre war apartment! I would like to get my air conditioner installed in the next week or so. It’s looking like 3-5 business days!


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